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Maki​ng a differe​nce in your fur-babies life

Canine Therapy for Our Furry Friends


Hydrotherapy in conjunction with veterinary treatment can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing following surgery or traumatic injury. In these cases the appropriate use of hydrotherapy can help with rehabilitation and increase the chance of a successful return to full fitness. Hydrotherapy is also beneficial in young, growing dogs diagnosed with developmental conditions.

Hydrotherapy has specific therapeutic effects on body tissues:

• Relief of pain, swelling & stiffness

• Muscle strengthening and maintenance

• Alleviating muscle spasms

• Increased range of motion in joints

• Improved circulation

• Cardiovascular fitness (heart & lungs)

• Increased tissue healing

• Increased speed of recovery

• Gait modification

• Increased proprioception


Canine Massage (also referred to as Canine Myotherapy), is a non-invasive, hands-on therapy using specific techniques by a qualified therapist. This holistic approach supports and promotes healing, muscle balance, pain-relief and well-being for a dog with muscular issues. Maintenance massage can be helpful to promote a healthy and happy dog, prevent potential injuries and reduce recovery times.

We treat soft tissue and orthopedic conditions to improve muscle function. When muscles are inhibited or restricted, they begin to shorten, compromising muscle function and often resulting in pain. A dog will change and adapt how they move and behave, usually manifesting as lameness, stiffness and/or differences in temperament.

Helping Your Best Friend 

We know that many people have a wonderful, deep, and loving relationship with their pets. If you want your pets to feel your love and care, treat them to the services offered at K9 Aquatic Care Centre in Walkerton, ON. 

Our massage therapy and hydrotherapy are the perfect ways to let your pup know that you care about them while also improving their health and prolonging their lives.

Your dog does not need to have an injury or a health condition to receive the benefits of our hydrotherapy. They may simply be getting older and becoming slower or maybe your pup is into sports and overdoes it from time-to-time. Our company can help you with that!

Whatever the situation, it's been proven that massage therapy and hydrotherapy for our pets is as beneficial to them as it is with people.

Frequently Asked Questions