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Maki​ng a differe​nce in your fur-babies life

Discover Why K9 Aquatic Care Centre is in Demand

Time for Some Wagging and Bragging! 

Our clients are special people and so are their pets! Discover why they feel we are "top dog" by reading their testimonials and reviews on this page.


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An injured knee started our journey. Surgery was the last thing I wanted for our pup. I'm so grateful to have found K9 Aquatic Care Centre. We had the pleasure of working with both Cassie & Jo during our therapy sessions. Our dog has made great progress and is recovering well. The care and compassion given to Dexter and myself was amazing! 

Kim Neil  

We are so glad to have found K9 Aquatic Care Centre in Walkerton. Such a specialized therapy could mean long drives to the city; we are truly blessed to have them in the area! Our chocolate lab, Hazel, absolutely loves her weekly swim with Jo. Hazel has a CCL injury and was losing muscle mass from lack of exercise. After 12 sessions she is gaining muscle and bearing weight on her injured leg; she is also conquering stairs with ease. Hazel loves the gentle massage Jo does in the pool, too. We are thoroughly pleased with K9 Aquatic Care Centre and Jo makes every session a very positive one for Hazel, kindly encouraging her on every lap in the pool.

Lisa Fleming 

Days after adopting Larry, our Saint Bernard, we became aware that he hyper-extends his rear legs; they were nearly straight and it looked very uncomfortable for him to move around. Larry had his first visit in 2019 and was definitely unsure of the water, platforms and space; he had to be physically lifted into the pool a couple of times. With his sessions, a major improvement in his stance was noticed and his swimming improved drastically; now he practically drags Cassie down the ramp to get into the pool! He has learned to float and tread water and at 50 sessions and counting, Larry corrects his stance on his own. He eagerly swims to Cassie, following her lead and lets her do anything and everything she requests of him. The amount of trust Larry has placed in both Cassie & Jo and how quickly it happened has been unbelievable. The bond between them is nothing that I could have ever imagined. Their patience, knowledge and care for the overall well-being of the dogs is remarkable.

Brendan Saj     

We started looking into hydrotherapy when our 85lb Labrador Retriever experienced a cruciate knee injury.  Once we got clearance from our vet and I checked in with his breeder as a courtesy (because she really does offer lifetime support) we met with Jo and proceeded with treatment. Now as a lab, you would expect him to love the water, right?  Not this boy.  He does this because he knows it is something we want from him.  It is a long road to recovery with this injury but he will get there.  We are 8 weeks in and are really starting to see the benefits.  I am so thankful this service is available in our area.  They have different plans and know from experience what your pup may or may not need.  Trust the process and you will be happy with the outcome.  It may not be a cheap fix (in your eyes) but it is far cheaper than a $5, 6 or 7 thousand dollar surgery and will have lasting effects for your loved pup.  Hey, they may even come to love it, too.  I know we are loving what Jo has done for our boy thus far and look forward to what's to come.  Huge thanks to Jo for all her work and to the rest of the crew there.  Last but not least, thanks to Cassie for seeing the need for something like this in our area and making it happen. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Patricia King